As disappointing as I found the result of the election, the days since have disappointed me the more. Despite blatant evidence of Trump's corruption, collusion with the Russian government, and gross temperamental instability, as well as his brazen disregard for security protocols, an alarming number of my countrymen refuse to see he's a danger, and of those who do see, they don't care. They're too busy celebrating what they perceive as a victory. Now that their "man of the people" is in power, things will become as they ought to be. Women will know their place, and the unborn babies will be saved from the endlessly-churning murder mills. Those lazy poor people(read: poor non-white folks, not them, never, never them, the good, white, God-fearing Christians)will stop sucking the government teat and get a job. Those dirty, job-stealing immigrants will be rounded up and shipped back to Buttfuck, NotUSA, where they belong. And fuck those dirty phantom voters, too. No more money will be wasted on educated the useless retard children God foisted upon sinful parents as punishment and a lesson in humility. Maybe some charitable soul will feed them apple juice and crackers and teach 'em about Jesus and how to roll quarters for a princely twenty cents an hour. Those filthy gays will be punished and forced back onto the fringes, where they can't offend "decent" folk with their perversion and those decent folk won't have to behold the scandalous horror of two men holding hands. And now those stupid, college-educated hippie treehuggers won't be able to stop a man from earning an honest dollar just to save some water and trees and some dumb animals no one will miss. It's everything they have ever wanted.

I keep waiting for them to realize that the cost of their twisted, WASPy utopia comes at the cost of everything the hold dear and have taken for granted. Free speech, personal autonomy, freedom from government interference, freedom of thought and movement. How can they not as twenty-one states introduce bills to limit voting rights and curb lawful protest? How can they not when DHS and customs agents are demanding to access travelers' cellphones in order to paw through their contacts and social-media accounts, prurient children in search of an illicit thrill? How can they not when Congresspeople are dodging town hall meetings with constituents and the White House's mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway, admits the administration has no intention of listening to "losers"? How can they not see that dismantling the EPA will have generations-long consequences for everyone, not just the idiot liberals they so despise?

But they keep on celebrating, because they finally stuck it to the libtards. They won. Who cares if it cost them everything they claim to cherish, if it will end in ash and bitterness for everyone, if there might not be a planet over which man has dominion according to their sacred Word of God? They won, and now all those snotty, entitled, mooching pissbaby dumbasses will have to suffer like they did for eight years under a black President. They would rather cling to this Pyrrhic victory and fiddle while Rome burns than abide the idea that they have been used, might have sold their beloved country to a fool for the right to hate.

As someone who's lived at ass-level from the day I was born, I know have terrible and selfish people can be, how much some of them delight in being petty tyrants for the black-minded fun of it, but I never imagined that so many of them would so gleefully sell themselves out for the chance to win. If decency and fairness could not act as bulwarks against oppression and lunacy, I thought self-interest would. They might not care about free speech for the hippies or abortions for those irresponsible skanks who had sex with someone who wasn't them, but they would care about affordable medical care for their own families and clean air and water for their children. They would care about a foreign power meddling in the affairs of the Greatest Country in the World(TM) and thinking they could fool red-blooded American patriots. They would care that the President has nigh-incoherent meltdowns at hour-long press conferences, where he harangues Jewish and African-American reporters and besmirches the dignity of the office. They would care that Betsy DeVos' policies endanger their children's right to an education. They would care that grossly-unqualified people are being appointed to public office.

That they don't has been a stunning blow to me. I've never thought my fellow Americans, or people in general, for that matter, were fundamentally good, but I did think, naively, as it turns out, that they possessed a scrap of self-preservation and would, therefore, defend the principles expounded in our Constitution, if only to preserve them for themselves. More fool me.

I'm not sure where the country goes from here. I'm not sure where I go. I can only apologize to the future generations we have betrayed and hope that they will learn from our willful folly.


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