Every day, I tell myself I'm not going to look at my mother's Facebook, and every few days, I break down and look. They must know, I think. Surely they must know. But each time, I am disappointed. My family continues to celebrate President Trump as a savior, as the man who will Make America Great Again, even as he flouts the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend and nominates grossly unqualified people to Cabinet positions, including a potential Secretary of Education who thinks it should be left for the state to decide whether disabled children deserve to be educated. My mother, a mother to a disabled daughter, celebrates and does not understand why I am sad and afraid. Or care.

I'm trying t have hope, to believe my country will right its course. I still believe that, but I no longer believe it will be soon. Like so many countries before us--Franco's Spain, Mussolini's Italy, and Hitler's Germany--we must travel through the darkness before we find the light. Not all who begin this journey will see its end, but those who do will appreciate the gift they have been given, and it is they who will make this country great again.


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