Three thousand four hundred and sixty words since last update.

Happy forty-seventh birthday, Richard Z. Kruspe! May it be filled with laughter and love. To celebrate, a picspam:

Richard, I know we haven't talked in a while, but what is this DJ Flyboy Jazzy Richard look you're sporting? And you're worth millions. Would it kill you to buy shirts that fit? Not that I mind the glimpse of bare chest, you understand.
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( Mar. 18th, 2014 06:17 pm)
One thousand one hundred and thirty-one words today.

I'm not sure I'm going to post much of my fic here anymore. It elicits near-zero response, which is hardly worth the pain in the ass of chopping it into sections, compiling links to previous chapters, and writing headers. Sprache will still be posted here, as will any other Rammstein fic I write, but the rest will go to AO3 and FF.Net.

I will still post other fannish and non-fannish entries here, but as I haven't felt particularly communicative or expansive in some time, that's not saying much.

Such a dreamy expression.
One thousand three hundred and ninety-nine words today.

Did I work on my AH fic today? Nope. I'm still banging away on my Priestfic.

We'll be getting back to Dr. McCoy after I finish the AH fic and the next chapter of Sprache. Maybe the next two, actually. I'm so close to finishing that it would be a shame to let it languish because I got distracted by myriad new shinies.

Speaking of Richard:

He can still drop panties, mmhmm.
American Slobbery Is Setting In )

Separately, these clothes might've been chic and attractive. Together and rumpled, they're...unfortunate. The man needs someone to iron his clothes.

Almost Human 109: Unbound--SPOILERS )
One thousand five hundred and seventy-five words today.

The resolution sucks, but damn.

Still hot.

The new DVD player has proven to be a little powerhouse. Thanks to it, we've managed to watch several DVDs the Xbox wouldn't play, including the last episode of Breaking Bad S1. Damn, but Skyler and Marie are shrill and annoying. They're paying hundred of thousands of dollars for top-rated cancer treatment that Skyler wanted, and Skyler decides to get all butthurt that the advanced cancer hasn't magically vanished overnight and starts carping about alternative treatments? Cancer is terrifying for everyone, and I realize she's pregnant, but really. Walt could use a little support, not more bills.

Ungggghhh. How does he continue to be so effortlessly hot? Sex appeal aside, he looks fantastic--refreshed, healthy, and happy. And is that his leather jacket I spy? I'm not a fan of the cigar habit he's picked up, but I'm neither his mother nor his lover, so I can do nothing and like it, as my father was wont to say when he tired of my whining.
Four thousand five hundred and fifty-six words since last update.

I'm not sick, dead, or scavenging through the trash for food. I just haven't felt like talking to the world lately. I've been writing a LOT and watching comfort DVDs. As October draws near, I'm getting exciting for my annual horror movie marathon. I've got the usual reliable standbys, but there are a few recent editions, too, and I'm hopeful that the five-dollar bin and Halloween rack at Walmart will yield a few more treasures.

God, his skin is amazing. He must bathe in the blood of virgins.

Not one of his finer pictorial moments. Faces like this are why there are fewer than a dozen pictures of me since I graduated high school.
Two thousand one hundred and sixty-six words since last update.

I watched LaB today because I was in the mood for young!Rammstein and caveman!Richard. Khira Li had her father's imperious expression down pat, bless her. She's grown out of them a bit now, but back then she had Richard's cheeks. And Richard peeking at her to make sure she was safe on the catwalk makes me gooey. I love doting, protective fathers.
Progress with the prospective dentist. They contacted me promptly after Labor Day to say that they were, indeed, accepting new patients and would be happy to walk me through payment options. So I'll have to call for an appointment on Thursday. The cowering dentalphobe in me is terrified, but I'm just going to have to nut up and deal before it gets worse.

Speaking of teeth, what the hell is going on here?

Is that a wodge of chewing gum in the back of his mouth, or has one of his molars shifted up into the gum? I've never seen that before with him. He usually has such a lovely smile.

On a less shallow note, looks like Rammstein and Recuenco have patched things up.
One thousand and sixty-two words last night. The Calliope interstitial is underway.

Commencement on the project was nearly stalled by this photo, however:

Richard, really. Why, oh, why, are you wearing the local librarian's aerobics leotard under such a sharp suit jacket? Did your rippling, manly pecs obliterate your last clean shirt just as you were leaving for this appointment, or were you just kipping into the market and hoping no one would recognize you? Bad news, old boy, but that hair gives you away.

And those granny sandals...
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( Jul. 22nd, 2013 02:16 am)
I saw Turbo this afternoon. It was nothing special, but it doesn't deserve the shellacking it's getting. It's derivative, but so are most kiddie flicks, and Turbo is cute.

Now my movie schedule looks like this:

-The Conjuring
-The Wolverine
-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
-The Great Escape
-The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Tentative additions:


Nggh. This is wonderful incentive to start the Calliope interstitial tomorrow. Just...damn.

This is stupidly adorable. Bless the fan behind it.
Happy 46th birthday, Richard Kruspe. My eternal gratitude for the joy, hope, and new-found determination you and your bandmates have bright to my life. May your day be filled with happiness and those you love.

And thank you for being so handsome:

Richard Kruspe Birthday Spam )
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( Jun. 21st, 2013 02:53 pm)

Hot. So, so hot. It's not just the hair, pretty face, and shades, either. The man just exudes masculinity, confidence, and sex appeal.
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( Jun. 6th, 2013 08:25 pm)
One thousand six hundred and ninety-eight words since last update.

Richard looks decidedly unimpressed.

Is this wrecked dude Richard's older brother? If so, those power lunches and the booze are doing him no favors. I don't know why he pings me as a sibling. Maybe he's just a terrible impersonator.


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