CSI:NY 623-Vacation Getaway--SPOILERS )

A piss-poor ending to an embarrassing season, and I'm glad it's over. F
Oh, Flack, sweetheart, I love you so.

CSI:NY 621: The Usual Suspects--SPOILERS )

A rare treat made better by the refreshing lack of Mactimony. A-
CSI:NY 619: Redemptio--SPOILERS )

I can't deny that the episode was exciting to watch, but it falls apart upon close scrutiny. A for entertainment value, but D for logic and consistency.

P.S. The "prison riot" was the funniest thing I've ever seen. I think it was the sight of one inmate enthusiastically bench-pressing a guard over his head and bending him like beef jerky.
CSI:NY 618: Rest in Peace, Marina Garito--SPOILERS )

Alas, it wasn't enough to make it interesting. D.

"Burger and fries. Not much of a last meal."

"Are you kidding? Those are from the Shake Shack."

I love you, Flack. So, so much. Now if we can just get you back into a suit.
CSI:NY 611: Second Chances--SPOILERS )

Still, it wasn't enough to ruin what was a good episode. B+ It would've gotten an A if the writers hadn't turkey-slapped Stella's timeline for convenience. Again.
CSI:NY 610: The Death House--SPOILERS )

Horrendous would be the promo for next week, which hints at an hour of treacly, maudlin, feel-good glurge. Oh, joy. If it weren't for the promise of Flack in a Christmas outfit, I'm not sure I'd bother to watch, as I've no desire to see the crew of CSI:NY play It's Christmas, Charlie Brown. Bleagh.
I have never been so glad to be wrong about an episode in my life.

CSI:NY 608: Cuckoo's Nest--SPOILERS )

Crow has never tasted so good. Mmmm. A+
CSI Trilogy, New York, CSI:NY 607: Hammer Down--SPOILERS )

For all the hype poured into this trilogy, it's proven vastly disappointing thusfar. C
CSI:NY 604: Dead Reckoning--SPOILERS )

Kudos for not making the case a vast conspiracy, but it was mildly interesting at best.



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