One thousand five hundred and fifty-three words today.

I love(d) Almost Human, but damn, someone needs to breathe. I'm sure much of my sanguinity stems from the fact that a)Karl Urban was desperately homesick and b)the writing sucked festering monkey balls, but still.

She's sixty-four. I thought she was fourteen.
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( May. 1st, 2014 12:52 pm)
The Almost Human fandom has mobilized in an effort to "save" the show. I admire their enthusiasm, and selfishly, I would love to see more Karl Urban on my TV, but given that Karl has made it very clear he misses his family and wants to go home, I hope it fails. Being separated completely from your family for six months and listening to them miss you must be wrenching and guilt-inducing. Yes, he signed on for it and surely had to know that travel to NZ would not be possible during filming, but sometimes you don't realize you can't handle something until you're in it. Maybe he got that first lonely, tearful phone call and realized the job wasn't a sacrifice he was willing to make. I can't blame him if so.

If the show is taken by another network, then he should fulfill his obligations to it, but for his sake, I hope it isn't. If nothing else, getting right back on that plane after just getting home would suck so much unwashed ass.
One thousand four hundred and twenty-seven words today. Thirty-four thousand nine hundred and fifty-four words for April.

Fox canceled Almost Human on Tuesday. On the one hand, I'm disappointed because this means no more Karl Urban on my TV and no more endearing Dorian or competent disabled characters doing amazing things and living complex lives, but on the other, I won't have to watch Kennex make eyes at the absolutely perfect Detective Stahl and pine moodily for her while she swans about awing everyone with her perfection. Bleagh.

Hopefully, they'll release it on DVD so I can add the Karl pretty to my collection.

Found this while snuffling around on the KarlUrbanInternational tumblr:

Karl loved working on Almost Human. He’s going to focus on films so he can have more family time, awww.

The past tense does not bode well for renewal. Oh, well, it was fun while it lasted, and hopefully Fox will release the series on DVD.
Am I, a disabled woman who has been routinely discriminated against, ridiculed, feared as a terrifying, uncomfortable Other, and isolated in all facets of life, but especially in dating and friendship, supposed to sympathize Stahl for the plight of perfection? Go fuck yourself, AH writers. Forgive me if I do not weep for someone who will never get a disease or die of anything but old age unless she's killed in the line of duty. I don't give a spastic rat's ass about how hard it is to be a gorgeous, healthy genius.

Now, if they had taken the tack that Stahl resented her parents for being unwilling to accept who she might have been had they left her to chance, I'd've been all over it, but nope. Just a whole infodump of how perfect she is.

I loved the rest of the episode, though. The case was solid and well-paced, and everyone, including the perpetrator, was sympathetic. I can't help but wonder if things might've turned out had John said he'd never been loved instead. I think the thought crossed his mind, but in the end, such an admission was too painful.

And poor John. He made his move too late and was left floundering and alone. We're supposed to be loved, indeed.
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( Feb. 19th, 2014 05:33 pm)
So, after the latest episode of AH, I made this post, only to be thwapped by a mod for...personal remarks about the actress. Presumably because I noted she was young and pretty at the end. 'Kay. Guess I don't need to post to that comm anymore. Christ Jesus, when did criticism become synonymous with wank?
One thousand and twenty-eight words today. I'm still fiddling with my Priest drawerfic and will until Friday, when I plan to start my AH Big Bang fic.

Speaking of Almost Human, the ratings increase it had been building evaporated after an inexplicable three-week hiatus, so unless the last three episodes excel in the ratings, it looks like this will be its only season. No more Karl pretty. At least I can hope for a nice DVD set.

My sleep pattern is still a nonsensical ruin. Today, I went to bed at ten-thirty in the morning and came to at seven in the evening. Feh. On the bright side, we've saved a bunch of money on gas since there's nowhere to go in Endstage Mayberry once the sun goes down. This also means we've missed some movies we wanted to see, but that's what DVDs are for, and besides the reviews for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit were terrible.
Three hundred and forty-four words today.

The next time fandom starts patting its back and bleating about the importance of inclusivity, I'm pointing it to this post in the Almost HumanTV comm. When it comes down to it, fandom is just as shallow as all the fangirls they are so quick to dismiss and condemn. Fandom is in it for the porn and the pretty, and it should just own up to it instead of insisting that everything it produces is for Great Justice. Most of the folks writing Kennex/Dorian aren't doing it to advance LGBTQI rights; they're doing it because the thought of Michael Ealy drilling Karl Urban like a prospective oil well makes their panties tingle. The fucking end.

Did I expect a long, nuanced discussion? No. I'm not a fool. But I did hope for a few comments suggesting possible alternative adaptations. It's the future, after all, and it's hardly as though I were shoehorning disability issues into a universe ill-suited to their inclusion. The lead is an amputee, for Christ's sake.

Talking gimp tech isn't as sexy as writing about hot people bumping uglies and macho heterosexual dudes with issues falling for their male android partners and angsting about it, but fuck you, fandom, for talking so very big and delivering so very little.
American Slobbery Is Setting In )

Separately, these clothes might've been chic and attractive. Together and rumpled, they're...unfortunate. The man needs someone to iron his clothes.

Almost Human 109: Unbound--SPOILERS )
Six hundred and thirty-three words today.

Well, I went and did it. I signed up for the [profile] almosthumanbang. I wanted to do a Kennex, OFC gen multichapter fic, but instinct told me that would be a disaster, so I'm going to do a one-shot instead.
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( Jan. 25th, 2014 06:43 am)
One thousand three hundred and sixty-two words today.

A thing of beauty and genius.
Almost Human Big Bang

Almost Human Big
- join in now!

I'm on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to participate, but I'm tempted. Even if laziness prevails and I don't, I thought I'd put this out there for any other interested parties.
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( Jan. 15th, 2014 04:17 am)
Duolingo has shit the bed for the moment and--temporarily, at least--wiped out my streak stats and skill points for the week. Boo. In other irritating news, my copy of Out of the Blue from a usually reliable seller arrived scratched to hell. I'm not sure it'll play. I'll test it tomorrow. If it won't, I'll have to buy it elsewhere. Roomie was indignant on my behalf when he saw the damage this morning. Feh.

In better news, Almost Human's ratings have begun to climb, which could bode well for a second season. Of course, Fox has immediately undermined this welcome momentum by putting it on hiatus for three weeks. They wouldn't want a show in which they've invested millions to succeed, now, would they? It's not a great show; in fact, the writing can be incredibly lazy, but it has potential. It also has a disabled character on TV, even if they handwave most of the challenges his disability would naturally present. Yes, even in 2048, being a high-level amputee would present a challenge. Bionic legs don't fix everything. And Karl Urban is hot. Stupidly hot. And I want more Dorian, and an exploration of mech rights or lack thereof, because they're clearly more sentient than the humans realize. I wouldn't care if Stahl were mown down by a city bus tomorrow, though. She the designated love interest, period, and though we're told she's smart, tough, and competent, I've never actually seen it. I have, however, seen her conflating empathy with a case of embarrassing and terribly inconvenient gas.

Sleepy Hollow--Minor SPOILERS )
Also as promised, a brief look at an Almost Human fic that has joined the innumerable irons in my creative fire.

Thirty Nights, Part I )
I'm resigned to the fact that Almost Human is set on a Kennex/Stahl pairing(and I am equally determined to write my way around it), but I wish they weren't so cack-handed about it. They've spent three minutes of screen time together and have had no meaningful interaction beyond Stahl dutifully manning dispatch, and yet everyone from Dorian to drippy psychics to psychotic clones who have never seen them together is convinced that she's his One Twu Wub, fuck the long-term girlfriend who betrayed him and for whom he pined for roughly thirty seconds in the pilot; he's in love with someone with whom he's barely spoken. Because...because hot. And BOOBS. Or something. I feel like I'm missing a huge chunk of context. Have they been on dates we didn't see? Were they close before his injury? What have they done to earn this intimacy in which the show so ardently wants us to believe? The writers are doing a lot of telling with very little showing to back it up. It's lazy and stupid.

If it weren't for the endearing Dorian and his chemistry with Kennex, I'd've ditched this show last week, because It's obvious they have no interest in delivering anything they promised in the pilot.


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