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([personal profile] laguera25 Mar. 7th, 2017 02:26 pm)
Another day, another Dragoncon disappointment, but they have invited a bunch of NASA nerds, perhaps as a backlash to the government's anti-science stance. Bravo to them. I'll have to seek out a few of their panels and demos.

Speaking of science, congratulations to Jason Isaacs for landing a plum gig on Star Trek: Discovery. I have but scant hope in a show whose pre-production has been a mess from the get-go and whose debut has been pushed back three times, but God bless Space Tavington. I might pick it up on DVD someday(yes, I'm a crusty old Luddite who still has a DVD player). I do feel bad for John Cho, who was so excited when Michelle Yeoh was cast because it was assumed she was the lead.

After years of relative stability, my panic attacks have returned. I can't pinpoint a specific cause, but it wouldn't be a stretch to say that the current political climate plays a major role. Nothing is certain. Everything is under siege, and our institutions have given lie to the idea and ideals of representative government. Jokes about self-interested politicians have been around forever, but the truth behind them has never been on such alarming, ostentatious display before, and the comforting notion that even politicians had lines they wouldn't cross has been obliterated. The entire foundation of the country is crumbling underfoot, and who knows what waits for us at the bottom of the abyss. Nothing good. Nothing kind, and while I feel pity for myself and sympathy for the folks who saw the danger and did their best to avert it with their vote, I can feel no such things for those who continue to support this perverse, craven administration and insist that trampling civil rights and fomenting racism and xenophobia is making America great again. Yes, yes, reach out and build a bridge and blah blah, but I'll be damned if I'll waste my time and empathy on a moron who sees the chaos and the fear of his fellow countrymen and stubbornly, belligerently refuses to admit that there is a problem at all, let alone that they had a hand in it. If good people wouldn't be consumed in the oncoming conflagration, I'd let the idiots burn without a pang of remorse. Gandalf I ain't.
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