Every day, I check the Dragoncon guest list, and every day, I am disappointed. To be fair, they haven't announced anyone of note yet except Matt Smith and Billie Piper. Aside from the voice of Mario, they've only announced authors. Which, great! I might go see them if I can discover their hiding place at the con, but they just don't tweedle my tweedler like the actors do. If they announced Stephen King, say, I'd break my neck getting there, but Sherrilyn Kenyon is not in the same league.

Library holds are wondrous things. I peruse the catalogue of 281 member libraries, choose the treasures that catch my eye, and a week or so later, they're ready for pickup. It's not as much fun or as soothing as browsing the stacks myself and losing myself in the delicious smells and somnolent silence, but it does ensure that I'm not tempted to just grab a bite of lunch or pop into Walmart to fritter away money on a DVD I won't watch for three years. It makes life a bit duller, but finishing each month with a financial cushion, however slight, is a nice feeling.
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