I love medium salsa, but my digestive tract does not. ~moans~

Yesterday, we had a FANTASTIC thunderstorm, and by "fantastic", I mean a terrifying maelstrom that spewed hail and lightning and tore transformers from poles. Had I been home, I undoubtedly would've been in a fetal position on the floor with my pants in an unspeakable state of filth, but I was at the movies and thus was insulated from the roar by Lego Batman. It was cute but lacked some of the charm of The Lego Movie. It was too aware of what it was meant to be and occasionally tried too hard too be funny. Lego!Alfred was adorable, though, and maybe I'm an old sap, but I felt bad for the Joker when Batman told him he meant nothing to him. Batman was nice, but I want more Emmett.

In ominous news, I fear the car's transmission might not be long for the world. It felt very sluggish last night. I'd take it to be looked at, but our trusted mechanic has disappeared. Whether he moved or shut down entirely, I don't know. If the car dies, I have no idea what we'll do.
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