There aren't enough drugs or booze in the world to cope with the political climate in this country right now. Each day brings some new gobbet of calamity, some new assault upon decency and common sense. Facebook is a quagmire of cruelty, stupidity, and hysterical propaganda from both sides. To ignore it is to be coward, but to wade into it is an invitation to gibbering insanity.

It's times like these that I miss LJ-era fandom. I was never a BNF, and more than a few people found me an abrasive ogre or an insipid bore whose fics waffled interminably on before petering out into pathetic incompleteness, but there was always something to do or watch, and there were so many comms on which to lurk. You could feel at home even if nobody every knew you were there, and if you couldn't cope with anything else, you had a place where someone, somewhere shared your OTP or your headcanon or your hateboner for that one godforsaken character who should've been dunked into boiling pitch three seasons ago. You might only cross paths once, or you might be friends for years. Either way, there was a frisson, however fleeting, of recognition and connection. Now there's just a maelstrom of me me mes, and all those clean, well-lighted places are gone. It's very lonely. It's also the way of it now, and I find that sad.

If only it were different. If only I had not grown old.
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