Today was a good day. I knew I picked a good person to fangirl.

I started S2 of The Wire today. I'm two episodes in, and thus far, it feels much more sluggish than season one. The big bad isn't as compelling as the machinations of the Barksdale crew, and the feud over a stained-glass window is so petty as to strain credulity even as the pessimist in me acknowledges its sad possibility. I don't care about Ziggy, and the entire atmosphere strikes me as Sopranos lite.

I do like the fact that McNulty is still managing to piss in Rawls' Cheerios even from the harbor patrol, and I'm interested to see what's happening with D'Angelo Barksdale, doing his stretch in the state pen. He's clearly on coke, and that will doubtless have repercussions down the line. Where is Omar(my money's on McNulty's house), and what happened to the Gant evidence? I want to see Bubbles again, too. Still, it's an amazing show, with excellent, realistic writing, realized characters, and superlative acting. What a treat to see, and because I'm so late to this party, I don't have wait to see how it all turns out.
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