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( Apr. 14th, 2017 09:58 pm)
There is joy! Joy in Mudville. Karl Urban was announced for Dragoncon on Monday. He could cancel, but for now, my joy knows no bounds.

I saw Fate of the Furious today, and now I want all the fic in which the Shaw brothers are the offspring of Victoria and Ivan from Red and they're a family of mercs.

The movie was just big, dumb fun, choked with angsty tropes. Betrayal by coercion! Surprise!offspring! Enemies developing a fantastic bromance! Hulking men with small children! Jason Statham with a baby! And damned if that baby didn't think he was the bees' knees. So much fun! Oh, DVD, where arrre youuu?


laguera25: Dug from UP! (Default)

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