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( Feb. 5th, 2017 10:35 pm)
Poor Falcons fans. I can't imagine the depth of their woe after entertaining such high hopes for most of the night. I'm sure everyone on ESPN will lionize Tom Brady as God in cleats(the insufferable Skip Bayless is already comparing him to Michael Jordan), but the Falcons deserves a huge dollop of blame. Poised for a blowout, they took their foot off the gas, and their defense flagged when it mattered. Tom Brady took advantage of their weakness and panic, and thus, the Patriots stand as five-time Superbowl winners. Let us hope that disappointed Falcons fans don't respond by rioting in the streets.

Made the mistake of visiting my mother's Facebook again. My family is so full of hate, of contempt. My mother remains an idiot, and my rich aunt, who had the good fortune to marry well, looks down her nose at libs/progs and says that since we're so obsessed with fairness, we should extend the immigration ban to everyone. As if that were a zinger. I would rather do that than exclude seven countries on the basis of religion. We've been down that road before with Japanese-Americans in 1941 and Jewish refugees in 1939, most of whom were returned to their eventual deaths because America couldn't be bothered to care. It was a disgrace then, and it's a disgrace now. But as far as my family is concerned, who cares? We take care of our own first, they say self-righteously, but I've never seen a single one of them lift a finger to help any of the "own" they hold up as a reason to exclude and ignore others. Not abused women or homeless people or poor children or the neglected elderly. Nor will they, because they don't really matter to them. They're not real people to be helped but philosophical chits to be tossed in to deflect responsibility, abrogate human decency, and shut down disagreement.

I've never felt a part of my maternal family, but some naive, hopeful part of me thought there was a core of decency in them, that they truly loved the country. Perhaps they do possess the latter, but of decency, I can find neither shred nor whit. I am ashamed of them, and in truth, I have begun to hate them, not for their views, repugnant though I find them, but for their hypocrisy and willful blindness and their willingness to believe every lie proffered by Kellyanne Conway, President Trump, and Fox News, while simultaneously eschewing as liberal propaganda anything else.


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