And the hour counts down, and I am afraid.
I am afraid
and I am afraid.
The hour counts down and I am afraid.
God help us all.

Karl Urban has resurfaced on Twitter. Huzzah! And he's needling Trump. Even better! It's such a petty thing in which to take delight, but it's all I've got as the country slides into the grasp of gross imcompetents and idiots like my mother rejoice.

Roomie has scarpered off to the grocery store for victuals, and I'm watching Web of Lies on ID and futzing with various things online. I contacted Movie Mars about a seriously tardy package, of which USPS has no record despite DHL's claims of delivery to a post office on the 14th. Ugh. I hope they find it. Roomie has been looking forward to its contents for weeks.


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