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( Jan. 13th, 2017 10:55 pm)
The country barrels toward the disaster, the fundamental undoing, that is a Trump presidency, and I can only wait and watch and hope it won't be that bad even as they recall ambassadors with no successors and order experienced major generals of the national guard to resign, again with no successor in view, and gleefully proclaim their intentions to defund, not just the ACA, but Medicare, Planned Parenthood, and Social Security. And so few care, and of those who do, fewer want to step forward and challenge the looming status quo, to paint a target on themselves for possible retribution. "Someone must do something, must protect our rights!" we cry boldly from behind the safety of our screens, legendary social media warriors of great renown, but we are cowards without our keyboards and the sheltering cocoon of anonymity. "Someone should make the heroic stand," we say, "the noble sacrifice. But not I, of course. Not I."

And so we fall in silence.

On the homefront, I watch the end come like a slowly-rising tide. I try to tell my mother what I see, what I fear, but I am only her invalid daughter, and so she does not hear. I read. I watch TV and follow Karl Urban's Twitter because he, at least, safe in New Zealand, still has hope.

I envy him.


laguera25: Dug from UP! (Default)

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