I can only presume that collective anxiety about other aspects of American life has bled into the local weather reports because there's no other explanation for the current hysteria over normal weather conditions for this time of year. Yes, it's cold today, but two years ago, it was colder for a longer period of time, and the weather service didn't feel the need to issue advisories to steal food, horde gas, and bludgeon our elderly to spare the the oncoming horrordire warnings about possible power outages and ice in the fuel lines of our cars. People are woefully uncertain of the future, and it's infected everything else.

No plans for today other than to stay out of the cold. I've got chocolate and hot cocoa and Joyce Carol Oates, and if I get the chance and can wrest the TV from Roomie, who is watching playoff football, I might watch some paranormal hokum on Destination America.


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